Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting the word out!

The Richmond Industrial Workers of the World & Church Hill Food Not Bombs have been canvassing Church Hill along the 25th & Nine Mile Rd. corridor speaking with residents about the proposed re-development and whether or not they have begun to economically see and feel the affects.

Rent too high!
Most of the folks we have talked to felt that the neighborhood has definitely begun to look nice and feel safer, with the addition of new and renovated houses, storefronts popping up, and restaurants being added to the landscape, but all this attention is also bringing higher rents that residents say they would not be able to afford, and although their ray hasn't increased thus far, they fear their leases may not be renewed, or their property taxes may sky rocket.
$1,000 p/m & no Section 8!  Unaffordable for most resident!

We encouraged folks we spoke with to call SEED Church Hill if anyone in their neighborhood is threatened with foreclosure, eviction notices, or are in need of groceries, and simple maintenance.  SEED wishes to encourage community solidarity for mutual aid and protection, while building a working class movement that can challenge irresponsible development. 

Richmond, Va - Sustainable East End Development Suggestion for East End Vision Re-development

Organizers responded to a plan that will re-develop a historical part of Richmond's East End whose residents are majority working class and African American. The East End Vision is made up of a group of professionals & city officials who held a five day charrette (town hall meeting) in June to allow for the community to give their input on what the community should look like.

We found that residents were concerned about possible gentrification and the overwhelming influx of middle class residents that would be attracted to such a development. Sustainable East End Development was formed by the Richmond IWW and local residents to help unify the voices of the affected residents and ensure that no one is displaced.